I was approached by In-Line to develop an iPhone App. They wanted a cutting edge mobile presence. They also wanted to be on the BlackBerry, Google Phone, Palm, etc. etc. After talking with the folks from In-Line I created a prototype of a solution that would satisfy their needs and save them THOUSANDS of dollars over having several platform specific applications for mobile devices. They liked what they saw! This engagement is ongoing right now and more will be posted upon completion.


InfoDek has a great product that has been on the market for many years providing diabetes information to both patients and medical professionals. When InfoDek decided to get on the iPhone, they were referred to me. At first it seemed simple, take some existing images and put them on the iPhone. But after spending some time talking with Carlyle, the CEO of InfoDek, and some of his people, I realized we were looking at something more challenging. InfoDek essentially wanted a version of the "e-reader" for iPhone encapsulated in a single App. This would allow virtually all of the functionality of existing e-reader apps in a "single-click" iPhone application. No signing-in and downloading e-reader files, no wading through multiple e-reader libraries, etc. Just download the app and use it! AND... It must recognize finger swipes, recognize hyperlinks, recognize email links, have menus that show when necessary and disappear when not, etc. etc. Developers are still trying to figure this out. (See here) I solved it. Can't give away all of my secrets! :)

We have completed four iPhone applications for InfoDek. They are available in the iTunes App store here.

I am also working on a redesign of their web site and integrating e-commerce functionality. (coming soon)

* Stephanie Baird was invaluable in testing and completing these projects for InfoDek.


Starter Cards

Elizabeth Cogswell Baskin had contacted a friend of hers, Stephanie Baird, about wanting an existing product available on the iPhone. I had worked with Stephanie many different times in the PeopleSoft world. Stephanie, through contacts, was steered in my direction as former colleagues knew I was feverishly learning iPhone programming. Stephanie wanted to learn some iPhone skills, I wanted to get my first iPhone program for a client under my belt and Elizabeth wanted an APP! So we teamed up and did the work. This was essentially the beginning of my vision for Hollandsoft. Leveraging my 10+ years of Enterprise development experience to do what I love while helping others achieve their goals!

Stephanie is one of the best Business Analysts I have worked with and has become a good friend. Her programming skills are developing rapidly!

We have completed two iPhone applications for Elizabeth's company. They are available in the iTunes App store here.

Extra kudos and love to those programmers: Stephanie Baird and Ladd Usher.
We couldn't have done this without Stephanie and Ladd.